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UberNES - Features

Record your best high scores and speed runs in classic NES games
  • UberNES will automatically save your high scores in 50 classic NES games including Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Tetris.
  • UberNES will also track your fastest speed run times in 10 classic NES games including Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Mega Man 2.

  • Your high scores and speed run times will be recorded and preserved in your "NES Database" file.

Connect to the UberNES Leaderboards to compete for the worldwide high scores and fastest speed runs
  • After downloading the latest UberNES stats, you will be able to see the high scores and speed runs of other UberNES users.
  • If your scores and speed runs are good enough, you will be listed on the UberNES leaderboards after you upload your stats
    • Stats uploading is completely anonymous aside from an optional user name and location that you can provide

  • UberNES takes great care to prevent cheating; use of saved states, Game Genie codes, in-game cheat codes, CPU slow-downs, etc are all monitored and handled accordingly.

View the evolution of the leaderboards for each individual game using the interactive history viewer

  • The history viewer shows a graphical and textual display of the game's history.

  • The two displays are integrated with each other; selecting an event in the textual display will cause the corresponding element in the graphical display to highlight and vice versa

UberNES high score history for Kung Fu

Check out player profiles to see how you and other UberNES players are faring

  • The profile displays all of the player's high scores and speed runs
  • The number of "points" awarded to the player for each game are also displayed, which are used to rank the top UberNES players
Sample UberNES player profile